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Lara Croft! - Porthgwarra, Cornwall

A bracketed shot at the cave located next to Porthgwarra beach which is a beautiful little beach in Cornwall. One of the very few beaches in Cornwall that is not overflowing with tourists. @eyeseesurs got the opportunity to play Lara Croft in real life. This tunnel, leading seawards, is the fishermen's access to the tidal 'hulleys' built in the rocks to store shellfish. The 'hulleys', which ceased being used about 20 years ago, had wooden floors and topcovers with trapdoors and were used to store shellfish prior to taking the catch to market once or twice a week. A second tunnel was dug by tin miners from St Just to give farmers horse-and-cart access to the beach to collect seaweed to use as a fertiliser.